Mercer Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop

Mercer Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop

Workforce planning and metrics is top of mind for most HR and corporate management teams, as they want to know to understand how talent is flowing through the organisation, and whether they are drawing and creating the right workforce for present and future business needs.

Mercer's Workforce Planning and Analytics Workshops are addressed to HR directors and HR professionals with strategic workforce planning, sourcing and talent management responsibilities in multinational and growing domestic organisations.

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What past workshop participants thought:

“Great content and process”

“Excellent case study”

“Want to start with the process in my company tomorrow”

“Great facilitation and real life examples”

“Complex, but not scary – thank you !!!”


Strategic Workforce Planning Workshops

  • Identify the key steps in the strategic workforce planning process
  • Practice and apply key activities that take place in each step of the process
  • Identify where and how to use analytics to support supply and demand analyses and future projections
  • Explain the four levels in the maturity of workforce planning - and identify the level at which your company is operating
  • Identify who should own each step of strategic workforce planning, and their roles and responsibilities
  • Review top 10 recommendations for a successful strategic workforce planning programme and evaluate a hypothetical situation
  • Understand the key factors for building workforce planning capability and how to “phase in” workforce planning in your organisation.

Workforce Metrics and Analytics Workshops

  • Understand the issues and best practices regarding human capital metrics and analytics
  • Differentiate between human resources metrics and human capital metrics
  • Learn best practices in the design of human capital dashboards
  • Interpret data on the flows of talent in, up and out of the organisation
  • Understand how to marshal resources within your organisation to facilitate using metrics and analytics.


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Mercer reserves the right to change or cancel any part of its published programme due to unforeseen circumstances and to determine the suitability of any registrant to attend the workshop. Payment must be received in full before the start of the workshop. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse admission to the workshop if proof of payment has not been received. An invoice will be sent upon receipt of a registration form. Cancellations must be sent in writing 48hrs prior to the event.



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