Mercer Survey Panel – Total Rewards Survey

Mercer Survey Panel – Total Rewards Survey

In February 2014, Mercer surveyed more than 350 employers across all industries throughout the US and Canada in order to assess how organizations address total rewards strategies in their mature and emerging markets. A similar study was conducted in 2008, which allows us to look at what has happened as well as what is happening.


Three of the top five rewards challenges faced by companies are consistent with the challenges participants faced in 2008:

  • Attracting/retaining the ‘right’ talent
  • Gathering relevant market compensation data for comparison
  • Participants rely heavily on external benchmarking, whether of a specific peer group or the general market, with nearly all participants considering these techniques highly or moderately effective. 
  • Communicating the value of the rewards to employees

As the degree of importance of a reward strategy’s objective increases, so does its’ effectiveness. For example, organizations reported retaining high performers and attracting key talent as the two most important and effective rewards strategy drivers.


After submitting some basic information, you will be able to download the North American Total Rewards Survey results. Submit here.