Webcast recording: MasterCard Worldwide’s Journey

Webcast recording: MasterCard Worldwide’s Journey

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Recorded Webcast: MasterCard Worldwide’s Journey - Career Paths

MasterCard has undergone a significant transformation, becoming a publicly held, global technology company with the following major talent strategy objectives:

  1. Foster employee engagement by being clear about opportunities for career progression and mobility and the types of experiences/skills that are required for success.
  2. Strengthen coaching skills by providing managers with career tools with visual maps and clearly articulated requirements so they can better support career development/performance improvement.

MasterCard partnered with Mercer to develop career paths for 24 job families within global IT and operations. This presentation will cover the process used, major design features of the career paths, MasterCard’s communications/implementation approach and how MasterCard is addressing career path design for remaining job families throughout the organization, including sales and marketing.

Webcast:  Mastercard Worldwides's Journey — Career Paths

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