Pay Differs Significantly by Country

Pay Differs Significantly by Country

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Pay Differs Significantly by Country

International Geographic Salary Differentials report offers a compelling look at relative pay levels worldwide to help employers make informed salary decisions to control costs and ensure competitive pay across markets. This year’s report provides information on the gross salary, tax, and net pay variations of positions in 79 countries. In addition, employers can utilize tax and social security data to compare the real value of salaries in different markets and across six employee categories at the management, professional, and para-professional levels.

“As multinational organizations compete diligently for specialized and skilled talent, they can ill afford to misalign salaries with local market standards,” says Niklaus Kobel, a Senior Researcher at Mercer. “Equipped with accurate and timely geographic salary differentials, organizations can guard against under- and over-paying key positions — either of which would have serious ramifications for operations.”

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