Personal accident insurance for a child with InterRisk S.A. Vienna Insurance Group


EDU Plus insurance is a comprehensive personal accident insurance for children, teenagers and students, valid during the whole school year and vacations all over the world.


  • Insured's health impairment due to a personal accident - Insurance coverage throughout the school year and vacations worldwide.
  • Telemedicine - consultations with an internist, pediatrician or dietetics via phone, chat or video call.
  • Lyme Disease Package - Coverage for tests, doctor's visit and payment of a one-time benefit if diagnosed.
  • ONKO package - second national medical opinion, teleconsultation of specialist doctors.
  • e-Rehabilitation - rehabilitation sessions at home under the remote supervision of an experienced physiotherapist.
  • School trip reimbursement - reimbursement for a paid school trip after an accident.
  • Care for a child hospitalized - for each day a parent or guardian stays.
  • Reimbursement of the cost of adjusting your home or vehicle after an accident.
  • Legal Protection - assistance of a lawyer in disputes.


4 options to choose:

Option I
SI* 80 000 PLN

128 PLN/ year

Option II
SI 40 000 PLN

80 PLN/ year

Option III
SI 30 000 PLN

55 PLN/ year

Option IV
SI 18 000 PLN

35 PLN/ year

*SI- Sum Insured

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Confirmation of insurance is in the form of a certificate that is sent to the parent's email.


InterRisk insurance offer for parents. You can find more information in the brochure.


Here you will find instructions for purchasing accident insurance "school".


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